Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Negative vs Positive

Do you ever feel frustrated at yourself or at your swallowing mechanism? I do.

Sometimes our mouth and throat truly just aren't working as well some days. Other times though, it could also be our mind that affects our whole situation even more.

What i'm about to write is more on the positive mindset side of things. It's not something I've experienced in months.

Yesterday my nutritional supplements came.  (Picture included) By the way i have a lot of each of these.

I got to try the drinks, before i decided to order, as a nutritionist at the out-patient clinic i go to gave me samples to try.

Although they do stick in my mouth and throat (does anyone else have this issue even with things specifically for swallowing problems?), i still drink them as they do make me feel better.

The dessert i didn't get to try as there weren't any available as samples but i decided to order them anyway.

Basically, the dessert is what worries me, as i haven't eaten anything thicker in months.

I put off eating the dessert all of yesterday. My Mum tried pressuring me into it (anyone else have family who don't understand?).
A dry, burning mouth and throat doesn't exactly make swallowing easier, as i'm sure some will understand, so that's what worried me about it too.
As you can imagine or relate to, the mental list of worries can be a long one.

Anyway, this afternoon i decided to try the dessert (my Mum was still pressuring me). I heated it up for 30secs in the microwave, as generally, warm foods and fluids go down a little better.

Basically, i ate as much as i could of the dessert. I actually had a lot more teaspoons than i thought i would've had.
What i didn't like was the thicker texture to it. That caused the sticking in my mouth to be worse but to be real, the sticking in my throat and other symptoms i can get, actually weren't overly bad.
As some of you may know, everyday is different though and for me, time of day usually a factor to what may and may not work out well too.

I think my mental state of mind had more to do with it today though. I mean because the sticking and belching were physically bad.
The mental difference was that i kept my muscles as tense free as i could and just tried to simply notice my symptoms. I either took a dry swallow, had sips of water or took a little break depending on what i felt, I even took another mouthful or two in a row a few times.  

I did feel frustrated at the whole ''eating the dessert situation'' at first but i made myself pick up on the things i had achieved instead.
Others around you may not agree with what you see as a positive and i know that is so frustrating. We just have to keep believing in our own thoughts, not theirs.

I don't know when i'll next try the dessert but what i do know, is that we shouldn't push our-self past our physical and mental limits at the time. For example, i sometimes find i am more ahead mentally but physically my swallowing mechanism cannot keep up.

We'll decide to try something whenever we do, I don't think it's something to over think.
Sometimes exposure feels horrible, other times it's a little better or a lot better. Like i say, it can be more physically related or mentally related or a mixture of both.

I guess this wraps up what i wanted to share for today.

Until next time.
Take care.
-Karly. x

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