Saturday, 25 October 2014

How Do You Cope?

If you struggle with swallowing problems, you know that we don't want to be thinking about swallowing all day...

I always like to do things such as - be around animals, sit in the sun, listen to music, go to the beach, take photos.. Although lately i have found myself getting into other things as well..

Around a few months ago, i started watching you-tube videos more. I found myself looking at makeup related things the most. Now, i am not one who ever used to really care for makeup, apart from the occasional wear of foundation and lip-gloss.. Since watching makeup tutorials, i have found myself playing around with things like - bronzer/blush/eye-shadow/mascara.. Recently i have noticed i am becoming better at using such products too.

Just like fashion, i now see makeup as a way express who i am and how i'm feeling on a given day.
I now see makeup as ''creating.'' It's a beautiful thing that means different things to different people.

The biggest thing though, is that makeup requires a bit of time and effort (in my case at least, aha). This is a good thing though because it takes up a lot of my attention. It's also kind of fun. For example, i like to play around with different eye-shadow colour combinations.

Anyhoo, through my watching of you-tube videos i decided to create a you-tube account. At first it was just to comment on some of the videos i watched but later on i decided to start making my own videos. Now, i was partly inspired by people i watch/ed on you-tube but i also did some thinking when it comes to myself...

I am on Facebook and have been putting videos up of myself talking for a long while now. I notice that i sometimes decide to make a video when my throat is in some sort of discomfort and that this sometimes provides me with ''relief,'' Meaning i get distracted to the point where i don't notice it as much or the discomfort truly ends up passing in that time.  

As i mentioned in another post, i love to help people. I do through support groups on Facebook but i thought ''why not try branching out to a wider audience?'' This thought first only related to anxiety but i also thought about my struggles with things like dry skin and oily hair..

Anyway, you get the point. The more i thought, the more positive things and the more ideas i thought of.

Here's a link to my you-tube channel in-case anyone wants to check it out -
I haven't got everything i have thought of so far up yet, but it's a start.

I have realized, it's not only our plans and actions that can make us feel good. It's what comes after that too.
With practice comes improvement and when we've acknowledged our improvements, we feel even more positive emotions and we'll be motivated to do more. This is the part that i mean.

Anything that takes up my attention and provides me with more positive emotions helps me. Sometimes my throat feels very uncomfortable, even when i'm not eating.. Engaging in these things I've mentioned and more, may not help my physical being but it can help me emotionally.

Not only that but i am learning and as I've mentioned before, that's what i love to do, is learn.

I can think of more things to point out still, haha but..

Anyway, my point of this post is to make you see that there is way more to our minds and what we can experience because of that. We just have to persevere and keep trying to dig a little deeper sometimes.
With this in mind. there is no reason as to why we cannot experience better moments.
I experience a lot of tough days and know sometimes it'll only be tough but i do experience better emotions through the other things i do at least and because i know what that feels like, i always move towards feeling good, until i get there.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helped you.
Love Karly, X

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