Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. :-)

I have decided to dedicate this page to sharing a part of my life. The part that i do not like to talk about - my swallowing problem.

I decided to step up and want to start sharing as there is a lot of stigma and misunderstanding about physical struggles. just as much as there is around mental health struggles.

I am no stranger to anxiety and depression but it has gotten even worse through this struggle with swallowing,

Swallowing problems are more than just about swallowing. It can affect one socially and work wise as well.

Swallowing becomes the main focus or maybe even the only focus in life, as it requires a lot of work and attention and even still swallowing may be a scary and horrible thing to have to do each day.

That's what it feels like for me at least.

I have now struggled with swallowing for 2 years and only started getting answers last week.

It's really hard to fight each day and family may not be supportive or understanding. No one may know how we feel at all.

I hope i come across other people who are struggling with swallowing through doing this blog.

I want you and myself to be able to talk to each other, feel supported and feel less alone.

I also hope this makes people around you be a little more understanding.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, whether you personally experience this or are just interested in knowing more, than stay tuned.

Catch you soon.

-Karly. x

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