Thursday, 16 October 2014

I'm a Person who Likes to Learn but..

Like i mentioned in my first post, swallowing problems are more than just about swallowing, The problem can be so deliberating, that it can affect important aspects of our life.

That being said, i was always a hard working student in school. I didn't particularly like school due to various reasons.. i guess consuming myself into the work was my way of coping. I also coped by thinking ahead, career wise. In my mind i thought ''if you work out what you want to do sooner, you get out of school sooner.'' I think i was wrong there, hahah. Partly because i cannot make a solid decision.. Back then, i was thinking ''laboratory medicine'' for a while but now it's animals and there were lots of other things that came into my mind between those two.

Anyway, i guess my aim in life has always been to get involved in something that helps people and/or animals. That's probably why i cannot decide on what area of work to get into, because there are so many careers that let you do just that. When i am helping, i feel so accomplished and motivated.The knowledge will stay in my mind and i will want to use it more and more. I guess that's the pattern that makes me so driven in life. Not to mention that i know all too well what it's like to suffer with anxiety and i have the biggest love for animals.

My swallowing problem hit in the months leading up to year 12. I guess you can imagine how hard that would be for a person who has been so eager for their working part in life to begin. Thing is, i thought it would go away, you know, just like a cold. I had no idea what i was in for and i guess, 2 years on, i still cannot fully accept it.

I have only now come across a specialist who is trying to help my problem and find the cause. Don't get me wrong, i am so very thankful for this. It's just so frustrating, that my life has been restricted for so long.

I did an animal course last year. I was only just able to mentally and physically get through that. I loved the course and luckily the knowledge has stuck with me but i am unable to do any further studies right now and definitely cannot work,

I cannot tell you how much i love animals and therefore how much it hurts that i am at a standstill.

I decided to change my thinking around though and came up with an idea! Check out this video -

..and you'll see what i mean. I have come up with a way to continue using what i have learned. I cannot tell you how much i'd appreciate it if you got involved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Take care.

Bye for now.

-Karly. x

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