Sunday, 8 February 2015

Another Article Opportunity

Recently, i was introduced to Dysphagia Ramblings through a dysphagia support group on Facebook. Dysphagia Ramblings is a blog run by Speech Language Pathologist, Tiffani Wallace. It's a place where she shares all things dysphagia related. Here's the link to the blog if you are interested -  

In this particular post within the support group, Tiffani informed us that she is wanting to share people's experiences with dysphagia. I let her know about this blog and my article on NFOSD and she said she'd like to share them on her blog. I emailed her the links to both and went on to writing a little something that can be added to the post.

Tiffani would like to put up one article each week, starting at the end of Feburary. If you'd like to share something about your dysphagia, contact Tiffani to express your interest. (

Having sites where there is a great level of interaction between the professionals who run the site and it's viewers is the most powerful form of education and support to me. I appreciate sites like these and sharing something about me and my dysphagia is my way of giving back to them. 

I get a sense of happiness and accomplishment when i write an article for a website. It's because i'm doing exactly what i said i wanted to do which is, spread awareness about dysphagia. 
Through people responding to my article, i come across more professionals who work with dysphagia and other people who are struggling with it. We all gain and give's a very powerful thing.

No matter how you're involved with dysphagia, if you are apart of it, you are doing something amazing and i thank you for that. 
I will always go towards opportunities like this and eventually i'd like to further my knowledge and gain work in the dysphagia industry.   

Together we can do this.

Thank you for joining me.
_Karly. xo


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