Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'm back!

Hey everyone, as some of you may have noticed, i haven't blogged in a while.

Over the past few days, i've been trying to write something for this blog.

I quickly realized, that i wasn't happy with what i'd written.

Basically, i wasn't feeling any of the positive effects, that i'd usually get from blogging.

I decided to leave it and i started to feel better.

This morning, i suddenly realized what's bothering me and wanted to share it with you all.

My most used social media site, is Facebook.

I felt it was a place where i could share anything, both the good and the bad.

However, i feel like i can't do this anymore.

I now know, that it's because people's responses are bringing me down.

Not only that but when i look through my news-feed, other people's posts are affecting me negatively as well.

If i'm going to be completely honest, i feel like the support groups i'm in aren't giving me what they used to anymore.

The more i realize, the more i see my Facebook experience isn't what it used to be.

...but more than that, it's not affecting me in a positive way anymore.

In the back of my mind, i know what i have to do but change is something that always comes with fear for me.

...but when i think about all the changes i have made in the past, both online and offline, a lot of them have provided me with much relief and better things come in time.

So, i'm here to tell you that i'm now going to start making changes online, that i feel will benefit me.

Is there anything currently bothering you? Are you avoiding making changes? Or are you/have you made changes? What have you gained from doing so?

Feel free to comment below if you like and i'll get back to you.

Thank you for joining me,
Until next time,
Stay strong and be you,

~Karly xo

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