Saturday, 19 December 2015

I'm going away for Christmas but dysphagia!

Hey guys,
I had a bit of a vent in a Facebook support group the other day & realized i could write a blog post based on the things i shared, so that's exactly what i'm going to do for you guys now.

If you've read my last two posts, you'll know that I've been stuck in a harder place lately & that I decided within myself that I want to better that.

Yes, i have been achieving small things since then & that's great. Small steps are the way to go but i feel like Christmas is going to be a big step for me & it's not one i feel ready for but am expected by others to do.

For a while, all that came to me were negative thoughts & emotions when i would think about & envision this Christmas but then i simply thought ''mindset,'' & that's where a bit of a change has come.

Yes, i will have to travel for Christmas but i am going to end up being in a house with family, so in a way i'm going to be in the same environment that i am in right now, in my own home.

I will be bringing my own food/drinks with me & the family that'll be there with me already know this & i'm sure if i prefer to eat/drink on my own, that will be accepted by the people who are there.

There are a few other things i'm worried about & it's a given that i'm going to struggle physically & mentally but it's about adapting, so i can feel the best i can.

I've even more recently been thinking about activities i like to do & a stand out for me is photography. I'm getting a new camera for Christmas & being in the country will provide me with the perfect opportunity to get back into this. The thought actually excites me & it made me realize that balance is key here too.

Yes, we have to put focus into our dysphagia & everything that relates to it but we need to engage in other things in life too. I think throwing ourselves into the things we love even more during tougher times, is even more beneficial.

So, with this being said, what are you getting up to for Christmas? How do you feel about this? How do you plan on staying well nourished? & finally, what are some activities that you enjoy doing, that you could do during this time?

These are just some things you could ask yourself or you could even let me know about if you like.

I always find it hard to end a post, hahah! but i'm going to go now.

Christmas wishes to you all & if you don't celebrate, i still wish you the best with whatever it is you're doing.

As always, get in touch with me if you'd like to chat.

I'll catch you with another post again soon,
Karly. xo

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