Sunday, 27 March 2016

Building on the Positives Regardless

Hi guys, i thought i'd give you all another update as to where i'm at.

Prior to the post i put up a few weeks ago, i was struggling with high anxiety and depression. I even trialed an anti-depressant during this time but decided i didn't want to continue with it.

Since I've broken through this hard time to an extent, I've managed to grow further on the positive aspects of my life. The biggest being my relationship.

My hardest time hit not long after my boyfriend and i got together. I was worried that we'd quickly be torn apart but my partner was and has been very, very patient and supportive of me, which i value and appreciate more than anyone could ever know.

We've been together for just over 3 weeks now and as the days go by, i feel we just get stronger and stronger overall, which is a new and very great thing for me to be experiencing with someone.

My boyfriend and i see each other frequently, which in turn has also been very helpful in filling up more days in my week. I've still been getting to group therapy each week and have been getting out a bit more than i usually would.

While my body has been protesting, having had a couple of productive weeks, has been helping my mental and emotional health.

I am finding myself actually enjoying my time away from home a lot more and in turn, i have been able to better manage my anxiety while i'm out.

While there are a lot of positives going on, i feel like i'm in another transitioning stage right now and it's causing me to feel like i'm struggling a bit again.

I'm now noticing that i'm not liking my time spent within the family home, on days where i know i have nothing planned.

I know having my down time is still important, so i am still trying to view it as a healthy thing when it happens but it's hard to see it that way, when the place you spend the most time in, happens to be the biggest cause to your anxiety and stress.

That's what it's like for me.

I don't know what i'm going to do about this situation yet but i think it's just enough for me to now know what the trigger has been for me. It wasn't something i was fully aware of, until very recently.

That aside, things are still going as well as can be expected for me right now.

On that note, i'll leave it there.

Until next time,
Stay strong and be you,
~Karly xo

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