Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Article on the NFOSD Website

A long while back i came across this website -
As you'll see it's a website all about swallowing problems. 
The reason why i love this website is because it is full of a lot of information that i haven't come across elsewhere and the people behind the website are lovely and helpful. 

When i first started looking at this website, i was struggling a lot, as i do at times. I got in contact with someone from the website and we chatted over Facebook. It really helped me through that time. I am thankful for everyone who is involved in the website, both professionals and other fellow people who are struggling with swallowing difficulties.

In saying that, this is part of the reason as to why i wanted to share parts of my experience. It would be my way to give back to the website. Also, i am always looking for new ways to reach out to people and this was definitely another way in which i could do that. Gaining support for myself goes in hand with that. Therefore, i got in contact with someone from the website again.

I was given a document about the article guidelines and was told assistance with my writing is available if i need it. I was thankful for that as i sometimes struggle a lot with writing.  

Anyhow, i went about writing a few days later and it actually didn't take me that long. I guess once you've lived with something for a long while, you have some things solidly in your mind about it. 

I wanted to make sure i included how my problem started because i have come across other people with the same beginning. Yet a lot of professionals we go and see tell us it's impossible to get a swallowing problem this way. I have however been told otherwise by professionals on the website I've mentioned and other people i have talked to through Facebook. Awareness needs to be raised. 

Anyway, the rest of what i wrote just kind of flowed. I just went with what came to my mind. There is a lot that has happened and it would've been hard to try and pick and choose what to write about. This is why i decided to link this blog in my article. That way fellow people who are struggling can come here and see a lot more of what goes on. 

Here is the link to my article, which is on the website i linked at the beginning of this post - 

I am happy with my article. I think it will give people a taste of what this struggle is like and even though it is only parts of my experience, i'm sure i'll still come across other people who are struggling in similar ways through this. 

Thank you for joining me yet again. 

- Karly. xo

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