Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A break in patterns

This dysphagia is a part of me. Obviously, i don't like this fact but if there's nothing i can do about it, what can i do? Well lately, i have chosen to adapt and work around the dysphagia more.

I have been sticking to fluids alone because that's what works best for me. A positive step i have made, is that i sometimes drink in front of people, whether that be in my own home, someone else's home or while i'm out somewhere.
This may not sound like much to some people but for those of you who also have dysphagia or have read my earlier posts and articles, you'll know why this is a big thing to me.

The biggest thing that has happened to me lately, is that i've reconnected with a friend i knew several years ago in school. I was open with my friend about my dysphagia, from the moment we reconnected. He has been good about it but has yet to see it first hand, We are planning on meeting up soon. If i were to write about all my worries regarding this, this would be a long post.

I'm probably overthinking things, I mean, making my own goals and achieving them doesn't tell me things are going to go badly with my friend. It means that i can get through this and more too.  

I am sharing this with you because i want you to know that, even when you feel stuck in life, there will come a time where you'll start moving forward again. I wouldn't have thought this two years ago, when my dysphagia first started but finally i've made the choice to live despite it and that's all that matters.

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