Thursday, 6 August 2015

Annoying Stuff!

Hey loves! Today i thought i'd share with you some of the things that i find annoying when it comes to my difficulty swallowing. So here you go!

1. Routine - this could mean a few things for me but in particular having to drink/eat something every 1-2 hours. The time passes fast!

2. Slow Pace - this relates to when i eat. My weak muscles make it hard to move food towards the back of my mouth and hence makes it hard to clear my mouth. There are things i do to try and make the process easier. It can be tedious!

3. Energy levels - Even though things have improved for me somewhat overall, i still find it tiring to walk around too much. It makes things hard and limiting.

4. Physical discomforts - I find them more of a pain in the arse more than anything else these days. I just wish i knew what it were like to feel comfortable!

5. Socialization - I may have regained bits of my life but i still won't meet new people. Food is the biggest part of life. It wouldn't take long for people to notice ''different'' things about me. I would have to tell them and possibly explain. It would be hard on me and them.

I'm sure there are a lot of other things i could include as well but these were on the top of my head./

I still find it crazy to think that no one would know the problem i had unless i told them. It goes to show that some illnesses really are invisible.

Anyway, that's it from me today.

Remember to get in touch whenever you like. I love the interactions i've had with some of you so far!

Until the next one,

Stay strong and be you.

~Karly xo


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  2. Hey I found your article on that website swallow disorders foundation I have exactly the same problem and I was asking you if on how do you go about getting it dealt with,I've had the barium swallow and of course the camera thing up my nose before hand nothing was detected,I have trouble swallowing hard foods I can drink tea,water and juice but there tends to be a after reaction my throat goes really dry I choked last year but I thought that if being normal because I got up to quick trying to answer a phone call went to the doctors the week before last complaining to my nurse about it while there she goes I'll weigh you since last year I was intending on losing weight but not as much as I have done recently use to be 18 stone but now down to 15 stone 6lbs I'm really starting to get worried my partner says I'll end up looking like a bag of bones which I don't necessary want to do because god know what she would do without me many regards Taz AR Fluck

    1. Hi Taz, i'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with something like this too.
      I'll have had this problem for 2 years coming up this December and i still haven't gotten much answers myself. The only thing that showed my food and drink getting stuck was the modified barium swallow but i haven't been told what's causing it.
      The best advice i can give you to start with, is to journal what you eat/drink each day and note down the symptoms you get. If eating is too hard, start by trying to drink something every 2 hours.
      Calories will be your best friend. Ask your doctor for a high energy nutritional supplement drink. Here's a link to the one i have -
      Up until recently i was drinking them 4-6 times a day and have finally started to regain a little weight.
      Foods i've been able to add back in recently are biscuits with spreads and mashed potato.
      I've noticed that when my mental health/anxiety issues aren't as bad, that helps too. I know it's not easy but i know you'll improve too as i have a little.
      I wish you all the best and you can always get in touch whenever you like.~Karly.