Friday, 25 September 2015

My past (nearly) 2 weeks

Hi loves, i thought i'd share with you all what i've been going through for nearly 2 weeks now.

For those of you who have swallowing problems, you'll know how greatly it can affect our mental health at times.

Well, i'm ''in that time.''

It's usually a severe thing for me, where i'll get really anxious and depressed. It's still like that this time but i have other things mixed in with it. such as anger and wanting to be rebellious.  

While the swallowing and related issues are the biggest things affecting me, i think what is making this time more severe, is that i have had/am having other things affecting me too.

I usually seek support during these times but in the earlier part of all this, i had to be very careful because i knew i would likely blow up at people for no good reason.

Although, i did drop little things now and then to my Mum to give her an idea of what's going on with me. Two nights ago, i ended up breaking down in front of her. I'm lucky that i've had my Mum's full support with all this for a while now, so it made this time not feel as bad.

I've had a long break from professionals of all kinds because i haven't known who to go to, as everyone ends up saying ''i can't help you.''

I decided to make a post in an Achalasia support group i'm in on Facebook and i received many suggestions on who to see. My Mum and i are going to discuss these options and then we'll decide where to go from there.

My biggest advice to anyone going through something like this, is to seek support. Yeah, some people don't approach the situation well but if you keep trying more people, you will find those who are right for you in this time.

Until next time,
Stay strong loves and remember, you can always drop me a comment or an email if you'd like to chat.
~Karly xo

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  1. Hey, what's new? I still have trouble swallowing but might be lack of saliva, I get too dry sometimes, so annoying so take pills. Take care,