Saturday, 7 November 2015

My Goals

On Sun the 1st of Nov, i decided to set myself 2 goals. One was to go for a walk each day and the other, to eat at least once a day. 

So far, i have eaten mashed oatmeal with apple everyday (once a day) and have eaten curry soup on top of that, over the past 2 days. (again, once in a day) 

Over this week, i have discovered that walking is more of a challenge for me but i still have been everyday, except for Tues. (Was having a really bad pain day)
I am proud of myself for what i have achieved over this week and hope to keep this going. I'll also add in more goals at some point too. 

I know there are going to be days where i might not achieve these goals or whatever else it might be but that's okay. 

With a condition like this it can be hard to do what others take for granted. I know i myself struggle, so when i feel the most well, i quickly take that moment to shower or eat or walk or whatever else it may be. How i feel, both mentally and physically, is always changing throughout the day/night, so that's why i've become a spontaneous person.  

I just wanted to share this incase any of you guys are really struggling right now. I know what it's like to be really unwell, both physically and mentally, with this condition but it is possible to still have better times too. 

You guys and the positivity i have within myself get me through every day and night and know that i'm here for you all too. 

Thanks to those who have been in touch with me. Never be shy to keep doing so and to everyone else, feel free to do so too. It makes my day like nothing else to interact with you guys. 

Much love and strength to you all.
~Karly xo 

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