Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Support for Dysphagia

Hi guys, I just wanted to take a moment today to share my appreciation for those who provide any form of support for those with swallowing issues. For me personally it has been a life saver, literally.

While it is known that i have dysphagia it is not known as to why, so when i'm going through a particularly hard time, it can be hard for myself or for anyone else to know what to do for me. Even just in general, i end up thinking i must just be crazy or something to be struggling in the way that i am.

During these harder times or even just in general, i'll turn to the supports I've found since i developed dysphagia and that personally help me the best.

Like today, i decided to read over posts in an Achalasia support group i'm in on Facebook. Just to be able to read things that i can relate to, that helped me in itself.

I guess the thing with me is that i hate having this condition so much so, that i end up trying to ignore it and anything about it. Yet, focusing on this blog again recently and looking into the support group again has made me feel ''better'' in a sense recently.

I think this goes to show me that it's probably best for me to continue focusing on the things that relate to what i go through. After all, i can't help what i'm refusing to pay attention too.

Anyway, i think that pretty much covers what i wanted to share with you all today.

I'll leave you with a couple of links to an American based site and an American based group that i particularly find to be helpful for support: .

If you're like me and live elsewhere, that doesn't matter. I'm in Australia but just always find their support to be better and they're just as welcoming. ☺

Until next time,
Stay strong & be you.
~Karly xo

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