Sunday, 14 December 2014

Homemade Potato/Carrot Soup

Today i felt in the mood to try a soup for dinner.
I went to the Nutilis Website where there are great recipes well suited to dysphagia patients needs. Link to the recipe part of the site ->

There are several soup recipes there. I used this recipe as my guide (see link) ->
Note that i do NOT have nutilis powder. The soup still came out how i expected it to.

What i used in my soup
- 2 potatoes
- One carrot
- 1 tablespoon of margarine
- 250ml of chicken stock
- A pinch of salt
- A pinch of pepper

I followed the method for the vegetable soup on the nutilis website, included above.

30 mins of simmering was perfect. The vegetables were so soft and the whole thing smelt amazing!

I let the soup cool a little before spooning it into my blender, broth included of course.
I probably pulsed for about a minute if that.
The blender i am using is a newer one i bought and my it can blend!
As precaution i still sieved the soup into my bowl but no lumps were present! :-)

Here is a link to the blender i now use for everything ->

I was hooked with the first mouthful! The soup tasted amazing and was smooth!
It had a somewhat spoon like thickness to it. I guess it would be considered moderately thick but i'm not too sure.
I just know it's thicker than what i'd usually have, so i was somewhat worried but it seemed to go down relatively fine.
I just made sure i had sips of water now and then throughout.

All up, it was a lovely, filling soup that i'll definitely be trying again and as i become more confident with it, i'll add more ingredients to it and make a larger serve.
Slowly but surely right?

Again, check with your doctor before trying this if you are a dysphagia patient. I hope you can try it. Let me know if you do and how it went for you.

Any questions or suggestions are always welcome.

Until next time.

Love and light.
- Karly. xo


  1. Other flavours you can add to change it up:
    *A sprinkle of Nutmeg; or
    *A touch of Curry powder