Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Little Bit of Everything

Hey guys, it's been a while and a lot has happened in that time.

I've still been going to group therapy. I started in January of this year and only missed one session in that month. I have been to every session so far since then. I am proud of myself for this because it fulfills one of my main goals and i am honestly kind of surprised at myself for doing this well with it but it just goes to show. that we can achieve what we want if we really want to. This has been an up and down journey for me but all things are and that's okay. It's how we learn, grow and experience new things and i look forward to continuing on this particular journey.

On a different note, i went through an extremely emotional few weeks during last month. The situation involved myself and another guy. We both had strong feelings for one another but things just weren't meant to be. I found it one of the toughest things i've been through in a long time. It not only took it's toll on me emotionally but mentally and physically as well. As hard as it was, i feel i dealt with the situation really well and with my own personal strength and the strength of those around me, i have come out the better side to it all. I'm still sketchy around the edges but it's nothing a little time won't fix.

In terms of my health, i have been struggling with low blood pressure and just like i suspected, it's an issue that relates to my swallowing disorder, in particular, the lack of nutrition i get because of it. I was put on salt tablets and an iron supplement by a heart specialist to see if it helps me. It's only early days but i feel small, good changes are starting to occur now. I'll be sure to keep you updated on this.

Overall, things aren't too bad for me at the moment. Yes, issues like weight loss and high anxiety have occurred but considering what i've been going through over the past few months, i feel like i'm doing okay at the moment.

I look forward to continuing to keep up with set goals and work towards new ones. I have a new guy in my life now and things are going really well with that. I'll also finally be seeing a dietitian at the end of next week. They'll be more on these topics next time.

Until then,
Stay strong and be you.
Love Karly. xo


  1. I had no idea.... Thanks for sharing!! Your an inspiration and i commend your courage :)

  2. I had no idea.... Thanks for sharing!! Your an inspiration and i commend your courage :)